At Living Faith International Ministries, we believe every believer is called and equipped to be a minister in their own right. It’s not about the chosen few, the elite or clergy, but God has made his church a kingdom of Priests and Kings. Our mandate is to turn disciples into ministers by helping them to identify their area of calling. The leadership team at Living Faith International Ministries is there to help you discover your calling.


Living Faith International Ministries has a vibrant children’s ministry. Children’s ministry seeks to guide our children to Christ, inspiring them to live God centred lives. This education and discipling is in line with Living Faith International Ministries values and beliefs.

Children are a gift from God (Psalms 127:3-5). Children can grow in grace and can use their spiritual gifts to the glory of God (2Peter3:18).

As a ministry, we have the responsibility to fulfil its pledge to nurture and train children in the ways of the Lord. (Psalms 78:1-11)

For our children’s ministry curriculum, wellness policies and child protection policies, please do contact the head of our children’s ministry.

The children’s ministry seeks to use relevant methods to teach the children the ways of God. If you want your child to be part of this great work, please fill in the parental consent form and send it back to us.

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The men at Living Faith International Ministries dub themselves REAL MEN. We are real, true to ourselves and our feet are on the ground. We try and help each other to face life without putting a mask on our faces.

The mission of the real man is to help men to maximise their manhood by being the best they can as husbands, fathers, social and business leaders. We encourage men to meet for fellowship to learn from each other because iron sharpens iron.

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Winning the lost is the heart beat of God. God is deeply concerned with the lost. It is no surprise that Jesus’ parables talked about the lost coin, the prodigal son and the lost sheep. Winning the lost is not an option but a command. In Mark 16:15 Jesus commanded, ‘Go yee therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures’.

At Living Faith International Ministries we take the gospel to the streets. Hey, the fields are white in the world. Go on tell someone about the love of God. If you would want to be involved in evangelism, please get in touch.

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Another vibrant ministry at Living Faith International Ministries is the YOUTH.

Our focus is to raise a generation which will not buckle to peer pressure but one that has a clear understanding of their purpose and destiny. At Living Faith International Ministries, we invest in our youth so that they know that their destiny is in their hands. Consequently, right choices today lead to a fulfilling life in the future and right friends today lead to a life of NO REGRETS tomorrow.

As a ministry we aim to be a training and development centre for the local community, teaching life skills to all with a focus to unveil the real you.

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In this love nest you can start dating your spouse again. Don’t let your relationship be rusty and squeaky. Pastor David and first Lady Naomi have a calling to see marriages getting sweeter. Your marriage should get better with age.

Come and learn how you can keep the spark to your marriage. There is no point spending time admiring the garden next door, you can water your garden also and it can turn green. At Living Faith International Ministries our theme for strong relationships is, what can l give not what can l get in my relationship.

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Is the ladies ministry at Living Faith International Ministries whose aim is to strategically position the woman to be the best in every area of her life. The Ladies ministry vision can be summarised by Pastor Naomi’s opening address at the ground breaking woman of excellence conference 2010 held on October 9 at the Living Faith International Ministries.

I believe it is my calling, your calling; in fact it is our destiny to become women of excellence.

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Joseph’s basket is our arm to reach out to the needy and under privileged. At Living faith temple we believe in being practical, faith without works is dead. Jesus healed the sick so lets heal the sick, He fed the hungry lets get busy fill some baskets feed the hungry.

We are currently supporting some orphans in Zimbabwe by giving them a smile and hope in a little town called Chivu. If you want to be part of this Josephs basket, partner with us as we support this Orphanage called Mustard seed. Our field missionary in this campaign is Sister Chipo Mutevhe.

For donations please use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

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